Sanja Hamelink
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Who run the world? Girls! Who run the world? Girls!

Are you looking for a female dj to play at your party, event or wedding? Say no more because, halt your search! Because this is the best female DJ out there! With a track record of several years party rocking the heck out of every stage imaginable, this female dj is guaranteed to turn your party into a fantastic evening with an exciting night. With a diverse curriculum, this female dj knows how to turn any kind of party in an amazing party. Berghain, forget about it! U need not to go to Berlin and work your way past some snobby security guard and find yourself between sweaty hipsters who seem to have a permanent widening of the pupils, no! You can experience it all, right here with this female dj! The best female dj out there. She is diverse and plays anything from classical sets to outright never lacking trap music sets with the best DJ drops by names such as the empire and trapaholics.

Feminine touch

Why book a female dj? Well as the title already said, but we will repeat it. Who run the world? Girls! Women are in general just the supreme species and have so much more to offer than what the world is positioning them in at the moment. Girls can do anything and female dj’s are sure to turn your party up to a notch undefinable by patriarchal standards. Female dj’s have less ego and more understanding and this is of crucial importance for a DJ because what a DJ really is, is a communicator with the crowd, you are having a conversation, a sonic dialogue with each and everyone in the party and you must listen to them all! That is why female DJ’s have such a good understanding of music and people and that is all you need for a good DJ.